Child, you deserved better from me than one sword and a world of troubles.
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color study

It was easy to get me to do this TV show. All the roles I’ve ever gotten, you’ve seen the roles I’ve gotten. They’ve been wonderful but so many of them have been downtrodden. They’ve been women who are pretty much asexual, they haven’t been realized, they have careers but no names. And all of a sudden I was given this opportunity to play someone sexy, mysterious, someone complicated. And it was a chance to use my craft. It was a chance to transform. It was a chance to surprise myself and the public. And I took it. - Viola Davis


Steal His Style: benedict cumberbatch

green alien suit (48.99)

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Steal His Look - Alex Turner

Kenmore 3.9 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer (white) - $649.99

Gucci Light Checkered Slim Shirt (baby blue) - $380

Tide Original Scent Liquid Laundry Detergent, 40 fl oz - $5.24

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Police gas protesters in Hong Kong. Part 1.

Part 2


my anaconda don’t want none unless u got hot cross buns hot cross buns one a penny two a penny hot cross buns


doodle jojosssss


The home seekers

radycat said: *snerk* [pipalypso] knight AU




this is the 0.2 seconds piper actually manages to carry calypso before dropping her